Ashley Cluver
I am a artist based in Portland, OR. This is my artwork.
  1. I’m Just Fat: A Statement About Bodies
    Individual pieces from left to right:






    Ceramics, hair, and liquid watercolor.  

    Ashley Cluver

    "I’m Just Fat: A Statement Against Statements of How Bodies Should Be is my physical manifestation and creative response to the judgment of bodies.

    My art practice has been engaged in investigating the ways human beings act in the structures and categories established by particular groups. Currently, I examine the way particular groups and categories of people build hierarchies that deny certain people access to a similarly desired experience through particular body attributes; particularly with fat. Specifically, I look at the denial of some bodies to exist in the experience of a happy life, through the loss of autonomy and authority in the self due to the body’s appearance and what sort of judgments come from that appearance. I wonder if this loss of autonomy is the cause of shame in the injured party to this loss. Using my own personal experience in conjunction with research, I examine what creates for a happy life, how this circulates in the larger population and eventually comes back to eventually be used as an aid to deem a person’s worth, by looking at the attribute of body fat.

    Using the visual language of fat, mass, and volume, I create these bulging and slumping ceramic forms in an abstracted state of desire, eliciting a compulsion to touch, meant to take the visual aesthetic of fat out of its standard judgment of sickly and unhealthy.”

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